Monday, August 16, 2010

How to earn Stage crew, underground, snapshot, and go swimming stamps

Today we are going to get 4 stamps. They are all labeled under easy and are for everyone.
Stage Crew Stamp
 1. Go to plaza
 2. Go in the stage
 3. Look near the chat bar at the middle. You should see the switchbox 3000. Press all the buttons and levers.
 4. You earned a stamp!

Underground Stamp
1. Exit the stage (or go to the plaza).
2. Look near the Pet Shop for a manhole.
3. Click on the manhole.
4. Once you go in you should earn a stamp. There was a glitch when I did it, so I did all the possible ways. If the glitch happens to you, follow the next six steps.
5. Go to the forest.
6. Click on the big rock.
7. Make your way to the pool by going through the rooms.
8. Go in the night club in the town.
9. Click on top right speaker.
10. Once you are in the boiler room, go through the door.

Snapshot Stamp
1. Go to the mountain located in the top left corner of your map.
2. Once there, get out a camera (in order to have one you must have either got one from the treasure book or from the play Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal).
3. Take a picture by waving. Wear only the camera and do this to take a picture.

                                          Go Swimming Stamp                      
1. Choose either the cove or pool.
2. The pool is located in the mine, just keep looking for it. The cove is located at the top right hand corner under the iceberg (we will go there for a stamp later).
3. Wear a rubber ruck, any kind. In order to have one you must have gotten one at a party or bought the blue rubber ducky in the Penguin Style catalog, which will be there only for a limited time.
4. Wear nothing but the duck. Then dance! You should be swimming to the stamp in no time!

So there you have it! Four easy stamps for everyone! Check back soon for more, which will all be for everyone!

                                                                              -Fishandfries, FCPSC leader

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