Thursday, August 12, 2010

Mountain expedition stamps!

Today the mountain expedition came, along with stamps! Only one is for everyone though. The first one we will talk about will be the Happy Room stamp. In order to get it, go to base camp when there are a lot of people and say "If you wanna do the mountain expedition, smile!" and then a bunch of non-members will smile. Don't you forget to, either. Not only you will get the stamp if 10 people smile, the others will too! It's a win win! The next stamp is more complicated. You must solve the icicle puzzle in the next room. One way to do it is to first click on upper left. Then bottom right. Then upper middle left. Then upper left. Then upper middle right. Then bottom middle right. Then bottom right. Then bottom middle left. You should be done now! You got a stamp, and you get to go up the mountain! Again, win win! Just finish going up the mountain and your done. For an extra tip, in the room after the room after the icicle room (the room with the axe) you will see some ice in the lower right corner. Click on it, and you will go in a yeti cave. But click it twice. Well, happy stamp collecting!

-fishandfries, FCPSC leader

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